Information security is the practice of protecting all data and computer systems from avoidable risks and data breaches. Information security experts agree that a mindset focused on prevention is crucial in tackling cybercrime and fraud. Moreover, fighting fires after an incident is often expensive and damaging.

There are a series of recognised standards for managing a business’s operations and data that can help prevent data breaches and minimise risk. Importantly, having a comprehensive management system built upon security principles means that you and your business partners can be confident in sharing data.

Our company have been investing in and forming relationships with leading professionals in Information Security for many years, making us unique. Therefore, we can help you protect your business and help you gain the trust of key stakeholders and clients.

Nicholls Law work with businesses to develop the core values and practices that protect all of their data; this is essential for building trust in recent times.

In short, we can help limit the damage of GDPR and DPA data breaches and incidents. Importantly, these incidents can lead to civil litigation from the affected persons (customers and third parties such as suppliers). Businesses under Nicholls Laws guidance are in a great position to limit the liability following a data breach. Our policies and procedures are tailored to each business’ circumstances, taking account of the individual requirements of how they operate.

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Quality Management Systems

ISO 9001

ISO 9001 is now the most internationally adopted and recognised Quality Management System (QMS). Additionally, this ISO is an international standard for management systems that delivers many commercial benefits. Moreover, it functions as a powerful tool for business improvement, and companies use the standard to demonstrate their ability to provide products and services that consistently meet customer and regulatory requirements.

Notably, this system has gained immense popularity, with over one million organisations globally that have improved their businesses by implementing this QMS.

The primary advantage of ISO 9001 lies in its ability to facilitate continuous monitoring and management of quality throughout a business. Crucially, this empowers businesses to identify areas for improvement within their operations. Consequently, businesses that implement ISO 9001 are positioned stronger than ever before.

Some of the additional benefits include:

  • – Continual improvement of processes and operations which can help decrease costs
  • – Allows organisations to compete in tenders and win more business
  • – improved facility to satisfy more customers
  • – Increase sustainability of businesses
  • – Excellent tool for demonstration strong corporate governance
  • – It allows businesses to work effectively with stakeholders and a supply chain

ISO 27001 

The ISO 27001 framework surpasses other quality management and information security standards, earning international recognition as the best practice framework for information security management systems. 

By implementing ISO 27001, businesses gain the ability to proactively identify potential information security risks and develop effective controls to help mitigate these risks. What sets this framework apart is its adaptability, offering security for all types of digital information and catering to businesses of any size. 

In recent years, the importance of establishing robust information security measures has become increasingly evident. However, embracing the ISO 27001 is not merely a box-ticking exercise for compliance purposes. Instead, it empowers businesses to thrive, innovate and expand their client base while maintaining the utmost confidentiality and safeguarding of their valuable information.  

Fraud & Cyber Risk

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