Our professional Elder Client team is highly regarded for advising on specialist issues within the care homes sector including mental capacity, regulatory issues, and fee disputes. We pride ourselves on offering the best and most well-informed advice combined with a responsive and cost-effective service. 

Services for Residents

Nicholls Law manages the property and financial affairs of adults who are deemed mentally incapable of doing this themselves and have no family or friends that can assist them with this vital day-to-day task. These adults are some of the most vulnerable members of society, and safeguarding their assets is at the heart of what we do.

The team at Nicholls Law possess unique experience within these fields, as they come from both a private and public sector background. Unlike the majority of law firms who practice within these fields we fully understand how things should work on a day-to-day basis. We understand the ‘nuts & bolts’ of these operations. 

With numerous years of experience in the field, we can provide an all-around money management system for people that need this support. We have unique systems in place that enables us to provide the service you, or your loved ones, need. We have invested in specialist software as well as caring staff with expertise in this field. This helps us provide a cost-effective, practical and compassionate service to our clients. 

By working with the wider care team that supports the individual, we can concentrate fully on our main responsibility – administering our client’s funds & assets. 

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Other Services for Residents and their Families

Here are some of the services we can provide private client services to residents and their families, including:

Comforting hands Elder client court of protection trusts

Care Home Residents

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